What makes Steps Foundation the Best Alcohol Rehab Centre in Bhubaneswar?

Are you looking out to give up alcohol once and for all? Here is a time to switch to Steps Foundation which is one of the best alcohol rehabilitation centers in Bhubaneswar. With its great achievement rate in treating alcohol addiction, Steps  Foundation has come up to be the best alcohol rehabilitation center in Bhubaneswar. They have a group of expert instructors who can get into the center of your concern. They have treated numerous addicts of various age gatherings. This is one of the best alcohol rehab centers which has come across as strong and efficient rehab in Bhubaneswar now.

  Get yourself treated today if you are suffering from alcohol addiction at Steps Foundation. We have gained expertise in treating chronic cases of alcoholism with our effective rehab programs.

Your search ends for the best alcohol rehab center in Bhubaneswar with Steps Foundation.

There is no cure for alcohol dependence or alcoholism. The main aim is to control the problem with therapy programs. Overcoming alcohol addiction requires an effective program, therapies, treatment, and dedication. Your optimal treatment plan can be customized based on your history by taking the following points into consideration:

  • Prior history of dependence on alcohol
  • Support from family members
  • Past history of any stress or trauma


If you are ready to face addiction, get your appointment today with Steps Foundation to bring about a change in your life. We will ask you some questions to have an insight into your life. This can help you with talk therapy. Venting out can be a great solution to help you overcome alcohol addiction. These conditions can help you determine your treatment options. A detailed case consultation will help us give a clear view of falling into the trap of alcohol addiction.

Here are some therapies that are provided to combat alcoholism at Steps Foundation. 


Detoxification at Steps Foundation: What makes it different from other alcohol rehab centers?

This is a therapy every rehab center goes through which involves removing traces of alcohol from the system. Detoxification helps to break the body’s cycle of addiction. This should not be done alone as it will involve withdrawal systems such as restlessness, tremors, confusion and creates a great impact on health. Detoxification at Steps Foundation is taken care of by providing some natural therapies which will help you overcome alcohol addiction. Once you pass 1 week of detoxification, the rest of the therapy will flow smoothly


Behavior modification at Steps Foundation. 

Yes, this is an additional step of the program that we take care of at Steps Foundation. Withdrawal symptoms might make you irritable at petty things and angry sometimes. We help you to bring about a positive change in your behavior which will keep you in a balanced state of mind. We help you with specialized skills and training which will help you to stay away from alcohol. These coping mechanisms will help you get away from alcohol and get you in the best of your behavior


Natural therapies and Nutrition. 

At Steps foundation, we don’t want to fall prey to antipsychotic medicines which have various side effects were there as headache, confusion, sleepiness, lethargy, and drowsiness. Depending on your symptoms, we provide you with the best natural remedies and vitamins that will help you adapt to a better lifestyle. Natural remedies such as Ayurveda are from the traditional roots of India. IF required we may give you a combination of allopathy and Ayurveda as supportive therapy. If you are already taking Allopathic medicines, we at Steps Foundation can help you taper down your allopathic medicines and gradually work towards a natural cure.

These are our plus points and effective strategies that make Steps Foundation the best alcohol rehabilitation center in Bhubaneswar.