Drug Addiction Treatment in Bhubaneswar

At Hand For You, we are specialized in offering Drug addiction treatment in Bhubaneswar Shortly after admission, a general health assessment is conducted and then the detoxification process is initiated. Once a patient’s physical condition gets stabilized, the patient is moved to primary care where he is made to understand the multi-faceted aspects of his illness with the various programs. We also make him understand his powerlessness over the use of his substance and his unmanageability. Our offered treatment has proven to be most effective in the shortest time period. We provide all the facilities where patients are treated with love and care.

Our medically informed, holistic approach to treatment seeks to heal the sufferer in all the aspects of his or her addiction. Here, we see the whole picture and seek to address the lifestyle, environmental, health, educational, and psychological aspects of your ailment to help you to get your life on the right track. The 24 hours of Drugs addiction treatment in Bhubaneswar divided into the study, work, writing, exercise, and other life-fulfilling activities. We also believe that daily group therapy helps the patients to better understand themselves and their disease through the process of listening and sharing similar experiences.
Addiction is a disease and can be caused by any reason. It might be the result of a particular event or a series of activating events, or an individual might be genetically, socially, culturally, or for any other reason be trapped in the addiction.
Overall, an addict needs a lot of care, attention, and time in addition to counseling and treatment. Many people believe that addictions can be overcome with willpower. Sadly, this is not true. When people use drugs, alcohol particularly over stretches of time, their brain changes in response due to prolonged exposure. Their cravings tend to get stronger, and they may feel compelled to use more of the drugs. This biological reality makes quitting alone very difficult.

We at Hands for you believe that with a little help from us and family anyone can quit and live a normal life. Our responsibility is to help inform, educate the addict and help him in the recovery process. We have an outlined residential program for the addict. An addict has to go through discipline, creative & constructive routines, and psychological treatment. The addicts are helped to analyze themselves, confront defensive behavior, and learn coping patterns.

They also need to have their faith and values restored in themselves and the world. This is done through a process of counseling, consulting, and discussions. During this period utmost care and attention is needed and provided by our team of counselors, psychiatrists.

The friendly environment helps each one of the people admitted to openly share their experiences, on how they landed up with this habit, on how they got addicted to it, and what kind of harm they have caused to family and friends. It also entails embracing new habits, how to stay away from triggers and cravings.

The treatment time frame varies from person to person. Typically it takes anywhere from 8 weeks to 24 weeks or upwards depending on the state of the person, stage at which the person stands with the addiction, etc. A counselor is the one who discusses with you each of the person's conditions and can accordingly suggest the time frame it would take.

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