Steps Foundation Rehabilitation centre is a prime best rehabilitation center in Bhubaneswar that has been stressing the ill effects that alcohol consumption has on the body.

Liver damage has numerous symptoms that are not to be ignored. These are some of them underlined by the best Alcohol rehabilitation center in Bhubaneswar :

1. The digestive signs.
The liver is a major component in digestion as it filters all the toxins and breaks down the fats and glucose. The first damage is shown by the impaired liver is the problem of indigestion. Symptoms that will be often be seen are bloating, nausea, gas, and diarrhea. In later stages toxin built up in bloodstreams causes liver cirrhosis where you feel nauseating.

2. Cognitive Signs.
Brain fog happens in the later stages of liver cirrhosis. The breaking down of glucose, regulating hormones are also their functions. Impairment of these functions goes on to affect the brain and the total nervous system. This makes you feel tired, dizzy, and confusion which may also further add to affect memory issues. The best advice any de-addiction center in Bhubaneswar will give is to therefore give up alcohol.

3. Neuromuscular signs.
The liver also serves as a storage system for vital body functions. Vitamin B1 or thiamine is one of them. The Steps rehabilitation centre, an alcohol rehabilitation center in Bhubaneswar, India identifies that Alcohol affects the absorption of thiamine in the intestine. Long-term alcohol consumption affects the thiamine absorption to such an extent that the body has lesser storage of this vitamin. Thiamine deficiency causes disorders like weak muscles, rapid heartbeat, digestive problems, and numbness in the hand and feet.

4. Vascular Signs.
Alcohol consumption has been a major cause of blood vessel dilation, further causing flushing effects in the hands and face. This causes redness in the face in the long haul.

Drug and alcohol abuse is a major reason for health problems around the world. Liver failure is a major problem an alcohol addict faces. Steps Foundation Rehabilitation centre is the place you need to turn to immediately as it is one of the best rehabilitation centers in Bhubaneswar, helping many get rid of alcohol. Someone you may know having an alcohol addiction should get immediate help.