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Fight against alcohol and drug addiction

Battling with alcohol and drug addiction is not easy. It requires a lot of commitment and dedication to put an end to addiction. In the battle with alcohol and drugs, you are not alone. We at ICare Foundation – Rehabilitation Centre in Bhubaneswar are willing to give alcohol and drug-free life. Join us today to enrol in our structured lifestyle treatment program which works from the root cause and help you treat alcohol and drug addiction. Read More


Addiction is a disease.

It can develop due to a number of factors- behavioural risks, environmental circumstances, genetic and biological factors. It is brain-disease and the drug addiction or abuse impacts the functioning of the neurons in our brain. Read More 

How Alcohol Changes Your Personality?

It is said that a man is a result of the choices that he makes and the company he keeps. Intake of alcohol is a choice; not a very wise choice that someone makes. F. Scott Fitzgerald says first you take a drink, then the drinks take a drink, then the drink takes you. People began the use for numerous reasons but end up at the same point that is misery. Read More

The Stigma of Addiction


There’s a stigma in our society surrounding addiction — a belief that those who abuse drugs or alcohol, despite the consequences, are weak or morally failed, a belief that addicts choose to be addicts.

How to Tell If Someone Is an Alcoholic?

In an exemplary image of the world, an alcoholic is an individual whose world revolves around liquor and not having the option to control it even in the wake of causing endeavors at needing to stop because of serious impacts of being dependent on it.

 All that will self-destruct; however

Alcohol And Cocaine Can Implode A Person's Life

Alcohol And Cocaine Can Implode A Person's Life

For someone used to the party scene, if they’ve seen it once, they’ve seen the following scene played out a thousand times.

Addiction –Deaddiction & Rehabilitation

As addicts, we are people whose use of any kind of mind-altering, the mood-changing substance causes a negative impact in every area of our life. Addiction is a disease that involves more than the use of drugs. It is a progressive disease –and an insidious, powerful, and overwhelming one at that. To make matters worse is the “denial” that is an inherent part of the disease.

How to stop addiction dependence

How to stop addiction dependence

If you’ve ever wondered whether you or your loved one are dependent on some substance because of problems that seem to be linked to the using of substances, and are considering a rehab in Bhubaneswar, then here’s how to break the behaviour cycles you or your loved one might be stuck in.

Helping A Family Member or Friend With Drug Abuse And Addiction Problems

Helping A Family Member or Friend With Drug Abuse And Addiction Problems

Family and friends are often the first to realize that something is wrong, while the addict is often unable to recognize that he or she has a problem. However, many abusers feel alone, isolated and even rejected by family and friends, making the decision to seek treatment very difficult for them.

Steps towards Recovery

Steps towards Recovery

Once you’ve established that you are going through a drug problem, the best possible step further can be sharing it with your near and dear ones rather than rushing to a drug rehab centres in India. Don’t be scared of confrontation and if you find it difficult to share your story with your family and friends, it highly advised you seek support from a professional.

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