Success Story

“You Are the Average of the Five People You Spend Time With.”
–Jim Rohn–

Santanu Maharana

I was addicted so much to alcohol that my day started with alcohol and ended with it. In spite of being short of money, I was constantly taking alcohol. I got addicted to it after coming in contact with some alcoholic people.

My life became miserable and couldn’t get out of it even though I was trying to quit. As a private employee, my situation became the worst and my wife and son left me. That day I decided not to consume alcohol but after just 24 hours I can’t resist myself and again went to the alcoholic friend circle and started consuming.
Thanks to my wife who contacted Prasant Sir and added me to the STEPS Foundation. The day I joined and the first few weeks are very painful for me. But Prasant Sir and his team helped to understand life, and how to live a peaceful lifestyle.
Thanks to STEPS Foundation for helping me to get a new life.